While all sectors evolve over time, decorating is no exception. This year alone, several trends have emerged to improve your interior. If you want to decorate your home, you need to know the new decoration trends in order to make the best choice.  Let’s discover the new decoration trends.

The main new decoration trends

The first trend in this new year is navy blue. This colour gives you a beautiful and modern look for your rooms. It is powerful and romantic. It modernises a whole room, so you will love it for your bathroom or bedroom.

Terracotta paint is another trend that brings your home to life. It is full of pep and warms up the interior in winter and summer. Together with beautiful wooden furniture, the colour gives your rooms an exceptional charm. Also, recycling is a trend that is recognised as ecological and economical. All you have to do is give a second life to your decorative objects or old furniture. Wallpaper is also quite popular this year. It has been seen as old-fashioned for years, but it adapts to all rooms, even damp ones. You can choose an aquatic one for the bathroom or black and white for your living room.

Other decorating trends

This year’s nature trend is dark green. This is a kitchen trend that is unavoidable this year. This colour is soothing and good for your well-being. You can also play with this colour for your furniture and accessories. Geometric patterns are also in this year’s trend.

However, roundness can also be used to channel the dynamics of the lines or to create a Feng Shui atmosphere. It’s just a matter of creating a balance between calm and energy in your home with the help of furniture with rounded edges or mirrors. You can also use old chairs with woven weave with holes to be fashionable this year in your room. This is called caning. It can be found on cabinets or even lamps.