It is impossible to remain insensitive to the cold. It does not allow the body to function efficiently. It is best to prepare for it with a few practical tips, as this contributes to everyone’s well-being. In this article, you will find some simple tips on how to effectively combat the cold.

Main tips for dealing with the cold


First of all, don’t overheat the house, because when you go from a heated house to the cold outside your blood vessels can be affected. This can trigger Raynaud’s syndrome. So keep the temperature in your house between 18 and 20°. Also, consider drinking decaffeinated coffee outside or herbal teas.

Caffeine can make you lose body heat. It blocks the receptors in the vessels and prevents them from constricting. This means you will feel colder more quickly if you drink it outside. Also avoid putting your hands in your pockets. Instead, you should swing them while walking to generate body heat and improve blood flow to your hands. Eat protein to increase your body temperature. So replace regular milk with soy milk for breakfast. Remember to add nuts and yoghurt.

Other tips to consider

Consider doing simple exercises with your feet to increase body heat. Just point your toes up and down a few times and circle your ankles. This will also get your circulation going before you get up. Warm your shoes for a few minutes on the radiator to help with the cold. Feet are difficult to warm up, because at low temperatures the body reduces the flow of blood to the extremities and sends it to the vital organs.

Therefore, they need to be warmed up a little by using heated shoes. Another tip is to protect the torso from the cold by putting on a waistcoat or heat-retaining clothing. By protecting your stomach and wrapping it properly you maintain the internal temperature so you don’t lose heat. Sitting in a rocking chair can also be effective. It helps you generate energy while sitting. You move your arm and leg muscles, creating heat and activating blood flow.