When considering visiting Provence in France, accommodations should be one of your major concerns. While there are lots of nice accommodations you can rent in Provence, none comes close to luxury villas and chateaus.

This accommodation type assures you of good services and comfort you can’t get anywhere. Here are some unique features you should expect from luxury villas in Provence, France.

Appealing Gardens

Chateau and luxury villas have some of the best, impressive gardens you can get in France. These places have manicured lawns and nicely shaped topiary. If you aim to get luxury villas to rent in provence france, well-trimmed lawns and gardens are features you should consider.

You will find an eye-catching garden setting for entertainment where you can relax and enjoy your tune. Moreover, having a château with a good-sized garden adds to the beautification of a property.

Swimming pool

When considering renting a villa in Provence, a swimming pool is a must-have. Most chateaus and villas in France have a large-size swimming pool. If you are a fun-seeker and you need accommodation that promises full services, then a swimming pool should be your best bet.

Furthermore, you can find beautiful villas near the sea in Provence with swimming pools at good rates. However, if you are tight on budget and need a château with swimming pools, you might have to look towards mainland France.

Great landscape views

Tourists, fun-seekers and people who want a quick getaway in France would love accommodation where you can look at the mountains, hills and into the seas. A good view is very important when renting luxury villas. There are lots of people who want a good view of their property.

Great location

Another great feature of luxury villas and châteaux in France is proximity to other good places. Many people who need accommodation want a place with supermarkets, hotels, affordable restaurants and fitness centers. Also, these villas must be close to airports and railway stations.

If the villa is a permanent home for families, having est access to a good school is a must. For holiday travelers who want to stay for weeks or months, if the villa doesn’t have restaurants or clubs, then it must be close to one.

Beautiful interiors

While it’s great to have a good and appealing exterior for an accommodation you wish to rent, the interior is very important. For many tourists and adventurers, well-designed interiors are very important when renting a villa in Provence, France.

These interiors are very crucial elements for a Luxury château in France. Many people want to avoid home decoration costs, so they need to rent a place where the interiors are already complete.

Security features

With other features come safety and security. Provence remains one of the safest regions in France. If you are thinking of renting villas or chateaus in Provence, getting a place with extra security features shouldn’t be ignored. Many villas come with security staff, CCTV and local staff.

Since many people rent these accommodations for vacation and holidays, security is important. You can find highly secure villas and chateaus in Provence, France.

There are numerous villas and chateaus you can rent in Provence, France. You should only rent those with the above-mentioned mentioned features to ensure comfort in your stay in the country.