Muslim dresses may seem demanding to pick, but there shouldn’t be any confusion about what a woman should wear. In Islamic culture and the Korean’s specific direction on modesty, women should dress well. Some may wear a Hijab or an Abaya and another a Burqua. Let’s explore the gamut of Muslim dresses you could try and how to dress.


Abaya is a popular Muslim woman dressing, just as Kaftans are for men. The dress is the outer garment women wear over other clothing when they go outside their homes. The dress is typical black color and created of synthetic material. It is a free-flowing dress that covers the whole body apart from the head, hands, and feet. Sometimes, Fashion designers adorn an Abaya with embroidery, as you can see on this site, making it more attractive. As a modest Muslim woman, you should have one in your wardrobe.


The Hijab is like a veil worn over the head and chest in adherence to Muslim dictates on virtuousness and decency. Women wear this garment when they are in public and at home when the men they interact with are not part of their direct family.

Hijabs are created from various materials. Some are thick while others are light and they match customary or relaxed kinds of women’s attire. Depending on your location and weather conditions, pick the one that is right for you.

Jilbab or Chador

This is any lengthy free outer garment that women wear. The Jilbab completely covers the body and is frequently matched with the Hijab or Niqab.


A niqab is similar to the Hijab which modest Muslim women use to cover their head when they are before men who are not of their direct family or in public. It is designed to cover the whole face, leaving only an eyelet.

Other quality dresses for Muslim women

Stylish women could wear different dresses at casual or formal events. The women who want to cover all parts of their body can wear top-quality Maxi dresses, trousers, and leggings created from excellent materials. Modest women could also wear fabric tops, shirt dresses, and heels to stand out in offices and diverse events.

How a Muslim woman may Dress

Apply natural make-up to enhance your beauty and use small Jewelry. You may wear loose-fitting clothes which are non-revealing to events. Consider wearing your Hijab and pairing them with comfortable trousers, jeans, or leggings. Besides, any loose-fitting clothes you wear must not reveal your body.

For instance, the clothes you wear with your Hijab should be comfortable, but should not reveal your bottoms. If you wear tight-fitting jeans, always cover up with an Abaya or Jilbab.